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Friendly, Reliable and Hardworking

Ro Voogd

Ro Voogd

My name is Ro, founder of Flourish & Bloom Gardening. I moved to Tasmania from the Netherlands late in 2018 to live and build a future with my (Tasmanian) partner.

My passion for gardening developed when I was about five years old and I was able to help my Dad with mowing the lawns and tidying up the garden. I remember that it felt so refreshing to be outside and it truly energised me. Back then, I knew that gardening would be one of my go to activities and at this very young age I even grew my own vegetables together with my Granddad.

Over the years, I helped local people maintain their gardens and I became more knowledgeable about plants and various weeds. This came in handy when I moved to Tasmania where, in the early stages of living here, I helped many clients with weeding, mulching and property cleanups.

My clients told me that reliable and competent gardeners were hard to come by and this is when I decided to start Flourish & Bloom Gardening with the core values Friendly, Reliable and Hard Working in the back of my mind.

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