Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Weeding
  2. Mulching
  3. Lawn Mowing
  4. Brush Cutting
  5. Hedge Trimming
  6. Tree Pruning
  7. Veggie Garden Preparation & Planting

One of our specialised knowledge and services is permaculture, a holistic approach to gardening and land management that focuses on creating self-sustaining and regenerative systems.

By incorporating permaculture principles into our gardening services, we can offer you a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to gardening.

Yes, we can arrange visits weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

No, we don’t require a deposit to be paid prior to providing you with the garden services. We are also able to buy all the items you need, such as plants, mulch and soil.

Yes, we can organise mulch to be delivered to you or we can pick up small quantities ourselves. We are also able to measure the amount of mulch or soil needed for your garden.

Our commitment is to respond to phone, message, or email inquiries within one working day. 

We understand that customer satisfaction starts with reliable service, and a prompt response to inquiries is a crucial aspect of that. By ensuring a one-day turnaround time, we aim to address your questions, concerns, and requests in a timely manner, demonstrating our dedication to meeting your needs.

We will provide you with an invoice at the end of the work day via email. Payment is requested within 7 days and bank transfer is our preferred method of payment.

Monday – Sunday: 8am – 8pm.

Yes, our ABN is 56 287 823 781.

Yes, we are fully insured up to $5 million Public Liability Insurance cover with AAMI Business Insurance. Certificate of currency is available upon request.

Yes, we are registered for GST.

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